A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Kyoei is a versus fighting game based on the bushido theme where players embody samurais at war.

You will need two players and two controllers to engage the fight. Two winning rounds of 90 seconds and the game is over. Also, you'll need to use the mouse during menus.

is a game about vainglory, samurais are fighting for a cause that exceeds them. Even if they win, both sides are losing units. The purpose of the game is to not glorify the victory, because there is no victorious side in a war, but only a less losing one.




This game has been made in a month by a team of 9 students from the Cnam-Enjmin:

Producer • Julien Sebbag
Game Designers • Wissam Azzi (LinkedIn) • Victor Penon
3D Artist • Maëlys Dubois
3D Artist & Animator • Quentin Dupuis (
Programmers • BecherThéo Olivier
Sound Designer & Music Composer • Damien Drouillard
UX-UI Designer •
Aliénor Blanc


You can contact us here: kyoei.game.contact@gmail.com
If you would like to contact one of us for professional reasons, please mention who you are reaching for in your mail object.


Kyoei 1.1 Windows 139 MB
Kyoei 1.1 Mac 165 MB


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does it works for keyboard? and is there a 32x bits ver?