Monstronome now has a tutorial!

v.1.1 : Tutorial!

We're glad to announce the v1.1 release of Monstronome, that now features a whole tutorial to help you understand the controls and rules of the game.

This tutorial is a big part of Monstronome and has been considered as such from the beginning of the project. The idea was to make a whole rehearsal before the actual concert where the player is evaluated.

The Maestronome is here to help the player telling them what to do progressively. A subtitle display screen is placed in front of the player to write down what is said, for more accessibility.

What is coming next?

Two main features are still under development :

Oculus Rift/Quest full feature : for now, the game is totally playable with a HTC Vive VR headset. We're still working on a fully compatible version for Oculus, since it has some display and physics issues still. We hope to make that a possibility as soon as possible.

Free Mode : The Free Mode is the extension of the gameplay where you can play more precisely and freely with all the musical parameters that are available in Monstronome. Just as the tutorial, making it was a decision we took from the beginning of the project, we had to postpone it first but everything in the programming and sound design was made in order to make its implementation the smoothest possible. We already started working on it, but we're taking a summer break for now!

See you soon!
The Monstronome team: Charlivari Studio


monstronome-release-v1.1.1_[HTC_Vive_Build].zip 572 MB
Jul 13, 2020

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